• Heat treatment

    Heat treatment


Our hardening shop in Muurame is specialized in hardening of tools especially by gasnitriding, casehardening and vacuumhardening methods. Tools for the plastics processing industry i.e. injection moulding tools, die casting tools, blanking tools, punching and metal forming tools are hardened in state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces with maximum quenching pressure of 10 bars. Nitriding is done in two gasnitriding furnaces, each with possibility for nitrocarburizing and black nitriding. For case hardening we have two gascarburizing furnaces equipped with modern control and oxygen probes.

Tallinn, Estonia

After operating in Estonia for almost a decade we were able to start our hardening shop in december 2001 in Tallinn. All our activities in Estonia are now concentrated in the new 450 m2 building. The hardening shop facilitates a Schmetz-vacuum furnace, which has maximum capacity of 200 kg and maximum temperature of 1300 °C. Maximum batch dimensions are 400 x 400 x 600 mm.


  • vacuum hardening
  • vacuum annealing
  • vacuum annealing in hydrogen
  • solution annealing in vacuum
  • vacuum brazing
  • interrupted quench in vacuum hardening
  • vacuum carburizing
  • vacuum carbonitriding