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Steels for plastic moulds - BÖHLER M-grades

Plastic mould steels consist of four subgroups which are quenched and tempered steels, martensitic stainless steels, wear resistant steels and precipitation hardened steels. Tool steels from product groups K and W are also often used for plastic moulds along with engineering steels for constructional parts.

1) Requirements of the tool manufacturer
Economy in production - Maximum safety during service. When purchasing BÖHLER plastic mould steels, you will receive:

  • good machining properties
  • good polishability
  • good photoetching properties
  • good spark erosion properties
  • safe, uncomplicated heat treatment
  • minimum inclusion level
  • consistently high quality
  • technical assistance and advice in tool manufacture and application

2) Requirements of the plastics processing industry
Highest quality of plastic components - Longest tool life. We satisfy these requirements with BÖHLER plastic mould steels featuring:

  • good dimensional stability
  • good corrosion resistance
  • high wear resistance
  • good resistance to scratching
  • good thermal conductivity
  • good polishability
  • good photoetching properties
  • good toughness
  • high compressive strength